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  • If your palmtop has been upgraded to DoubleSpeed and your screen is garbled you have lost the double speed drivers.
    You will need to do two things: reload the files: SPD31.EXE, CONFIG.SYS, AUTOEXEC.BAT to the c: drive of your palmtop and copy the file SPDALRM.TSR to the C:\DAT directory. These files came on a disk with your upgrade. You will need to set the baud rate of the palmtop to ˝ the rate on the desktop to accomplish this; i.e., desktop is 19200 baud, so set palmtop to 9600 baud.
  • Even though the connectivity software loads on Windows 2000 or XP desktops, there are occasions when you cannot communicate with a palmtop. When that happens, you have to use TransfileWin200 software which can be downloaded for free from
  • If your palmtop is dead (even after you change batteries), it doesn’t mean you need it repaired. First try a softboot, (CTRL-ALT-DELETE). If that doesn’t work, perform a hard reboot (CTRL-LeftSHIFT-ON), and answer N to initialize RAM disk. This could wipe out all information on the palmtop. If this doesn’t work, take out the two AA batteries and the backup battery and let it set for 15 minutes, then insert new batteries and do another hard reboot. If this fails to bring it back to life, you will need to send it in for repair.
  • Backup frequently! When a palmtop freezes up or the batteries die all information is lost and cannot be recovered. Plug your palmtop in with an AC adaptor when changing batteries. If you do not have an adapter, change the backup battery first and then the two AA batteries.
  • When installing programs that load their own config.sys file on a doublespeed palmtop, be sure the config.sys contains the line DEVICE=C:\SPD31.EXE. Without this line, and without spd31.exe residing on the C drive, your screen will appear garbled or right justified.
  • We do not repair units which are 100% ruined, with no salvageable parts.
  • If your palmtop has gotten wet or been exposed to moisture, let it dry at least one day before trying to turn it on.
  • If you decide to run the tests of your palmtop, do not run the “Plug-in RAM card” test, it will corrupt the data on the card.
  • To help avoid corruption of files and increase palmtop speed, keep Appointment books and Phone books at a manageable level. A good idea is to create multiple files in each application.
  • The _DAT directory is the default directory which contains all files for the built-in applications.