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A Free Newsletter for Users of the HP95LX/100LX/200LX

In this issue: 
---Options Trading: Use the Black-Scholes Equation File.
---The Best of the Tips
---Large Font, Horizontal Reader

Low-powered 56Kbps fax/mode card for the 200LX. Independent testers verify consistent connection at 45Kpbs. Works in laptop and palmtops.
Options Trading: Use the Black-Scholes Equation File.

Jerome V. Healey has written an excellent article on using HP Solve to do numerical integration. He exploits the technique with the Black-Scholes equation for option trading in the European markets. See...
Email, do newsgroups, and surf the web from your Palmtop. Total Internet solution in your pocket designed for the HP Palmtop with WWW/LX.
The Best of the Tips

We've collected what we consider the 'best' of the tips for the past several months and made them available at... http://www.PalmtopPaper/ptphtml/52/ttt52.htm

One of the tips included in this issue deals with a common plight of the 'visually challenged' users of the Palmtop: small fonts. The tip describes how to use HV (HyperViewer) to get around this problem. Check it out. 


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