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A Free Newsletter for Users of the HP95LX/100LX/200LX

In this issue: 
---We Have Moved The HP Palmtop Paper to the Web
---KeyMate Add-On Lets You Use Any Desktop Keyboard

Low-powered 56Kbps fax/mode card for the 200LX. Independent testers verify consistent connection at 45Kpbs. Works in laptop and palmtops.
We Have Moved The HP Palmtop Paper to 

The final print edition of The HP Palmtop Paper should have reached all our loyal subscribers! Anyone who is owed issues should have received a coupon for our Palmtop Store worth more than the refund for the unused portion of their subscription. (Anyone who prefers can request payment for the unused portion of their sub). 

To those who are awaiting their issue of The HP Palmtop Paper on Disk, we'll be shipping that within the next couple of weeks. As with the printed edition, this will be the final disk publication. We'll include coupons worth more than a refund for remaining balance of your subscription. 

As of Sept. 1, 2000 we have begun to put new articles and tips on the web. If you have ideas for articles, tips, new ways to use the HP Palmtops, please contact Ed Keefe, at .

Don't think for a moment that we're shutting down. We're simply trying to allocate our resources so they will benefit both you and us. We have acquired 4000 Palmtops, and we intend to sell all of them while, at the same time, looking for thousands more. 

The first 525 of these 4000 Palmtops have arrived, been inspected and shipped to people who prepaid for them. The second batch has also arrived and we're in the process of testing each one, performing requested upgrades and we're already shipping some of them. 

Please be patient if you've place an order for a refurbished Palmtop. We have a two to three week backlog of orders and are working hard to catch up. 

Our upgrades will be the major part of our business. We're getting quite good at 'building' the Palmtop that HP should have built but didn't, with up to 64K bytes of storage on board and now with external keyboard options.

If by chance you are not receiving our Ultimate HP 200LX catalog -- we sent the latest one out several weeks ago--please email me and I'll make sure you get one. Everything in the catalog can be found (and purchased from)

Thanks for everyone's support these years.

Hal Goldstein
Thaddeus Computing

Email, do newsgroups, and surf the web from your Palmtop. Total Internet solution in your pocket designed for the HP Palmtop with WWW/LX.
KeyMate Add-On Lets You Use Any Desktop Keyboard With Your HP 200LX

The KeyMate alternative to using the HP Palmtop's 'itty-bitty' keyboard is clever beyond measure. You no longer have to search far and wide for a Newton keyboard, nor do you have to learn the use of the keys on the Jornada keyboard that Thaddeus Computing also sells. Now, with KeyMate, you can use any PC keyboard you wish. Pick a large, ergonomic keyboard or choose the one you were just about to 'recycle' from your original desktop machine. Or hop over to your local office supply store and look for an inexpensive keyboard. I like the Micro 3000 available at Staples. Its color, black, matches the Palmtop very nicely. From that point on, using KeyMate is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Install the proprietary software driver onto your 200LX.
2. Connect the KeyMate adapter to any standard (PS/2) desktop Windows keyboard.
3. Connect the KeyMate adapter to the HP 200LX with either of the included serial or infrared cables.
4. Start typing.

I've been using the KeyMate package for the past several weeks. For a keyboard, I purchased a cheap keyboard (Micro3000 at $13.00US) from the local Staples store and it works fine.

The two keyboard solutions from Thaddeus Computing, have their unique features. Which one you get will depend on your needs. 

If you plan to take an external keyboard on the road, I'd recommend the Jornada keyboard. You only need to pack one extra thing. The only drawback to the Jornada keyboard is that it is not a standard PC keyboard. You will have to climb a learning curve to get up to speed. The feel of the keyboard itself is quite good. 

If you plan to use the external keyboard in your home or office, I'd recommend the Keymate solution. Once you're hooked up, you can type on a regular PC keyboard and watch what happens on the Palmtop. The downside to the Keymate solution is that there several extra things you need to pack if you want to take it on the road. Trying to find a suitable carrying case for a full sized keyboard can be a real hassle.

KeyMate sells for $69.95. It comes with the small interface, an infrared connector, software, AC adapter And Battery. 


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