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A Free Newsletter for Users of the HP95LX/100LX/200LX

In this issue: 
---Read Back Issues of Newsletters
---Try a Windows Version of the HP Database Engine
---Check out the Status of Backlighting

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Read Back Issues of Newsletters

Quite often we get email requests from folks who have misplaced or accidentally deleted several issues of this email newsletter. Not to worry. The entire set of Newsletters is now available on our Web site at

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Try a Windows Version of the HP Database Engine

Like a lot of DOS diehards I tolerate Windows, anticipating the next "blue screen of death". But occasionally a program comes along that makes me sit up and take notice. GDBWIN is one of those rare programs.

GDBWIN is the work of a Japanese programmer. The current version is given as 0.9 which may mean that the work is not yet finished. However, work on the program seems to have been put on hold for at least a year. The author will not respond to non-Japanese enquiries.

What's it good for? If you're a user of the HP Palmtop's database programs and want to work with your database, phonebook and NoteTaker files in a Windows environment, then GDBWIN is the best. 

The applications in the HP CPack program will work, but what if you want to paste something from a Word document into NoteTaker. You could save the Word document as a text file; open the NoteTaker file in a DOS window and press F3 twice to import the text file. With GDBWIN it's as easy as CTRL+C; CTRL+V (Copy; Paste). GDBWIN is fast. 

To get your own copy of GDBWIN point your Web browser at Then click on the GDBWIN 0.9 link and go to On the above page, use your browser to search for "173K Lh" and click on the download link. 

The downsides to the program are that there are no English instruction files. Installation is a snap. Just create a folder for the files in the .LZH archive and un-pack the three files into the folder. Click on the .EXE file and you'll be up and running. Look for an .NDB, .GDB or .PDB file on your Windows machine and open it. Eventually the GDBWIN program will memorize the folder where you keep your database files. 

Now comes the challenge. The function key buttons on the bottom of the display will let you work with the program as if it were a Palmtop program. The top row menus are, indecipherable. Try the different menu options and see if they make any sense. I think I've figured out several of the menu items. I can't seem to get the export commands to work. Let me know if you create an English document telling the rest of us what all the commands do or should do.


Sell us 1 or 1000 palmtops even if they are broken. See or How about Windows CE? 

Check out the Status of Backlighting

For the latest word on the backlighting project point your Web browser at 

Hal explains some of the problems with the project. What the Web page *doesn't* show is the sleep and hair Hal has lost trying to bring this upgrade to market. 

But you can make Hal look sleepless-in-Fairfield and balding. How? Look for the Our Publisher page on our Web site and drag and click. <g>