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A Free Newsletter for Users of the HP95LX/100LX/200LX

In this issue: 
---The Latest Issue of The HP Palmtop Paper
---Come Visit Our New Site
---Shop @ the Ultimate Palmtop Store
---Read Every Issue of PTP Online

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The Latest Issue of The HP Palmtop Paper

If you're a subscriber to The HP Palmtop Paper, the Mar/Apr, 2000 issue should be arriving in your mailbox within the week, if it hasn't arrived already. 

The latest issue of PTP, along with the new Palmtop Paper Web site may explain where all my time has gone in the past month and a half. 

Remember DOS batch file commands? 

Rem Apology.bat
@echo off
For %%x in ( 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 a b c etc ) do echo Can't tell you how sorry I am for the interruption. 

HP (unintentionally) created a great keyboard for the 200LX! We've added a serial cable to the HP Jornada external keyboard. Plug in a standard 200LX connectivity cable and install our propriety software. This great little keyboard maps almost perfectly with the 200LX keys.

Come Visit Our New Sit

The new look and feel to the Palmtop Paper Web site is something to behold. I tried to make the site quick to load and as eye-appealing as possible. The "mouseover" buttons on the left side of the screen are supposed to remind us Palmtoppers of the blue keys on our Palmtops. 

You may note that the text in the Web site is slightly larger than the text on many other Web sites. Blame that on my tired, old eyes. 

The site is viewable with either the latest versions of Netscape Navigator or MS Internet Explorer. However MSIE reveals more "special effects" than does Navigator. I realize that the Javascript buttons and the use of tables will inhibit users of WWW/LX. If there's a reasonable demand, I can create a text only version of the site. 

Sell us 1 or 1000 palmtops even if they are broken. See or How about Windows CE? 


Shop @ the Ultimate Palmtop Store

The new Web site is actually three sites in one. Beyond the main site, there's the shopping cart and the HTML version of The HP Palmtop Paper Online. (See below)

The shopping cart has a separate look and feel that may remind you of the cover of a printed issue of PTP. This part of the site does not contain any Javascript but it does make use of tables. WWW/LX users should be able to move around in this part of the site by pressing a few extra buttons. 

Read Every Issue of PTP Online

By far the largest section of the PTP Web site is the Palmtop Paper archives. There are more than 50 Megabytes of Palmtop related information thanks to the work of a group of volunteers. 

Before wading into all the pages of the PTP Online, be sure to read the Disclaimer page. Basically, it says that we do not have the resources to answer questions about material that dates back to 1991.

This part of the site is strictly HTML with minimal use of tables and graphics. Grab a couple of issues of PTP Online, load them into your Palmtop along with HV (HyperViewer) and take 'em with you wherever you go.

Once we can get the search engine to behave, this addition to our Web site may well become the official repository of Palmtop Information for the next couple of years. 

Until next time, HapPy browsing.