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A Free Newsletter for Users of the HP95LX/100LX/200LX

In this issue: 
---Keep Yourself Focussed with the Palmtop
---Use WorldTime's Note Field as a Reminder of Things to Pack

HP (unintentionally) created a great keyboard for the 200LX! We've added a serial cable to the HP Jornada external keyboard. Plug in a standard 200LX connectivity cable and install our propriety software. Great keyboard maps almost perfectly with 200LX keys.

Keep Yourself Focussed with the Palmtop
As advertisers know, most consumers need to hear a message many times before it sinks in. You can use the HP Palmtop to repetitively advertise an important message to yourself. 

For example, suppose you have developed or adhere to a mission statement for your business, for your department, for your family, or for your life. That mission statement becomes meaningful when you use it as a reference point for your choice of activities.

Creating the mission statement is the first step. Then you have to keep it in your awareness. Here is a way to use your Palmtop to reinforce that mission statement. 

ON THE PALMTOP: First, think which Palmtop applications you use the most. If you are like many users it is PHONE and APPT. Now, think of a few key words that trigger the content of your mission statement. 

For example, let us say customer satisfaction is foremost in your company's mission. Here's how to set up a Palmtop reminder system. 

1. Start APPT and press F2 to add an appointment. In the description field, type: [Spacebar] I OWN CUSTOMER'S PROBLEM, press F3. (Put a space before "I" so that the phrase appears at the top of Appt list. (Shift+0 turns CAPS lock on and off.) 

2. Press Tab to get to Start Time and press the DEL key to make the phrase an "Event". 

3. Press F3 and type in your company's mission statement in the Notes field and press F10. 

4. Press F8, Repeat, move the cursor to Daily and press F10. 

5. Press ALT+W, then ALT+M if you don't want this message to show up on your week and month-at-a-glance views. Then press F10. 

Now the message will appear at the top whenever you use your APPT book. 

Similarly, make a PHONE entry starting with a space in the Name field so this mission statement entry will be at the top of your PHONE book. Depending on how your Index view is set up, you may want some of the key words from your mission statement to appear in the "Business" or "Fax" fields. You can copy and paste your mission statement from Note in APPT to Note in PHONE using Fn+[=] and Fn+[+]

Likewise you can put a message on top of your ToDo list or on top of any Database that you have set up. 

If you use Lotus 1-2-3, you can create a Lotus file that contains your mission statement. Name the file AUTO123.WK1. When you press the Lotus key, your mission statement will come up. Then you can retrieve the file you want to work on or start a new file by pressing MENU Worksheet Erase Yes. 

Use WorldTime's Note Field as a Reminder of Things to Pack

Your bags are packed and you're ready to go--or are you? 

How often have you arrived at the airport and realized that you forgot to pack the connectivity cable or adapter for your Palmtop or you're not sure if the reading material you intended to bring along is in your briefcase or in your overnight bag? If you're a frequent traveler, you probably have such a packing list in your head. Why not keep the "packing list" in your Palmtop? A minor decision is where to store the list. You could keep it as a Memo file or store it in a Note field in the Appointment or Phone Book. 

Since you'll be traveling to a destination city, why not create an entry in the WorldTime database for the city and add the packing list to the Note field. The packing list could include general items such as your Palmtop, but it could also include special items such as AC plugs and adapters or an acoustic modem coupler for overseas travel. It might be a good idea to include an entry for where each item is packed. 

The WorldTime Note field seems like a "natural" place to keep other information such as hotel reservation numbers, restaurants and places to see. Other users even include the location of fax 


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