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A Free Newsletter for Users of the HP95LX/100LX/200LX

In this issue: 
---Used Palmtops Available in August!
---Prepay and get FREE 10Meg PC Card and FREE Serial Cable
---Backlighting: the saga continues. 
---The Next Issue of the HP Palmtop Paper 

Repair your palmtop at a reasonable price.

Used Palmtops Available in August
Thaddeus Computing will be buying almost 4,000 HP 200LX's from the Dutch Railway company! We anticipate that these Palmtops will arrive in August.

These units are Euro-English Palmtops. They work exactly like US-English units. The only difference is some extra blue key markings to indicate symbols such as the English pound and German umlaut and no description words under the blue application keys. 

We will be selling these units as 2 meg, 5 meg, 32 meg, and 64 meg upgraded machines. Currently we cannot offer the 96 meg upgrade because the necessary chips are in short supply.

For prices on these refurbished and upgraded Palmtops, see 

Each refurbished 200LX has an attractive white 3/4 x 1/4 inch Dutch Railway logo on the top casing in the lower right. If you choose, the white can be erased easily with nail polish remover.

Each of these units will come with our standard, 30 day, no-questions-asked, return policy. They carry a 90 day warranty that is extendable up to two years. We'll do everything we can to keep you Palmtopping for the next several years.

It will be quite costly for us to make this large purchase. We'll have to borrow money and pay interest. However we've come up with a way to pay you, instead of the bank, if you prepay for one or more refurbished units now. 

Prepay and get FREE 10Meg PC Card *and* FREE Serial Cable
We recently purchased a large number of 10 Meg, new, Compaq-labeled. PC cards and 200LX connectivity cables (manufactured by the same company that made them for HP). As a pre-payment incentive we will give you a 10 meg PC card and a serial cable with EACH palmtop ordered now! You get some hard to come by extras (a $49.95 +$39.95 value). We get the money to buy and refurbish a great Palmtop for you. 

I don't know how long we will be able to make this offer, because I don't know yet when we'll have to pay for the Palmtops. The palmtops (certainly the first 2K or so) will be in good condition. We'll refurbish them, i.e., clean them up, tighten hinges, etc. However, it will be first come, first served for the pick of the Palmtops.

Low-powered 56Kbps fax/mode card for the 200LX. Independent testers verify consistent connection at 45Kpbs. Works in laptop and palmtops.

Backlighting: the saga continues
The backlighting upgrade continues to inch forward. So, yes, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It's not a white light but a day-glo, blue light.<g>

However, as some of you surmised, the June roll-out date is probably optimistic. Hopefully, backlighting will be ready by the time the Dutch Railway units arrive on the scene. 

Anyone who prepays for a palmtop and leaves us an email address will be notified about backlighting before we send your refurbished unit. We won't offer pre-payment for backlighting until we're absolutely sure it will be a product and know when it will be ready. 

If you want your prepayed unit to be backlit, it will probably be September before you receive the unit because the process is labor intensive.

The Next Issue of The HP Palmtop Paper

The May/Jun, 2000 issue of The HP Palmtop Paper will arrive in your mailbox around the first of July. It's another example of the old story, "The Faster We Run, The Behinder We Get." There are some good articles slated for the issue, however some of them require thorough testing before committing them to print. 

We're always looking for more articles. Got one? Send it our way and we'll try our best to get your name in print.


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