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 A Free Newsletter for Users of the HP95LX/100LX/200LX

In this issue: 
---Using Appointment Book's Sounds to Stay on Schedule with Visitors
---Tips for Time Calculations in Solver
---Short Cut for Copying or Moving Cells in a Worksheet



Using Appt Book's Sounds to Stay on Schedule with Visitors ----------------------------------------------- 

Most of us would like to be accessible to employees, students or visitors. In practice, however, it seems that some visits tend to wind on rather than winding down. 

In my pre-Palmtop days, I used to signal the end of such visits by standing up and saying something like "before my next appointment, I want to ask you..." , or words to that effect. With the Palmtop, I discovered another way to end such visits.

Here's the recipe for making this happen. Before any visit begins, open the Palmtop's Appointment book and start a new appointment. Press any key to fill in the Description box; press Tab or Enter to get to the Start Time and press Fn+Time to register the current time and then press the + (plus) key one or more times to increment the time in 15 minute intervals. Enable the alarm with a five-minute lead time. When the appointment comes due the alarm sounds and that's the cue to wind down the visit. For a few more minutes, press the space bar to put the alarm into snooze mode.

Initially, people were surprised when the Palmtop started beeping or playing a "tinker-tune" but nowadays people have become accustomed to the sound of beepers, pagers and cell phones. The sound of the Palmtop barely raises an eye-brow.

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Tips for Time Calculations in Solver ------------------------------------- 

Entering a time value in Solver depends on how you set your Time Format in SETUP. Assuming Format 1 (HH:MM:SS), then HH.MMSS would be the format in Solver. Solver has two time functions: HR() converts HH.MMSS to an hour and a decimal part of an hour. HMS() converts the fractional hour to hours and minutes. Also, remember that HP CALC uses military time not am/PM, so use 14.53 instead of 2:53pm.

Solver handles time and degrees by converting them to a decimal format. This is made very simple in Solver's editor by selecting the CONV (F5) and then HR (F4). This yields a HR() with your cursor inside the parentheses. You then enter HH.MMSS, e.g. 15.3322 for 3:3322 PM, and the function converts to decimal format, e.g. 15.5561. When you finish a calculation and want to convert back to hours and minutes, select CONV (F5) and then HMS (F5), putting the decimal time within the parentheses.

Short Cut for Copying or Moving Cells in a Worksheet

Copying or moving data from one part of a worksheet to another can be a chore. Here's a short cut. Just break your worksheet into vertical or horizontal windows and unsynch them. (Use the MENU Worksheet Windows command). Keep the source data in one window and make the target range visible in the other window. Press F6 to get to the target window and move the cursor to the target cell. Press Menu Copy. Press the backspace key to limit the range to copy and press F6 to move the cursor to the window that contains the data to be copied. If necessary press the period key and use the cursor keys to highlight the range to copy. Press the Enter key twice and the data and the cursor will appear in the target window. 

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