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A Free Newsletter for Users of the HP95LX/100LX/200LX

In this issue: 
---Handle Appointments that Span the Midnight Hour
---Look Like You're Really Organized: Dress Up the 
Appointment Book

But first...

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Handle Appointments that Span the Midnight Hour
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If you need to schedule blocks of time that span midnight you'll find that the Palmtop's Appointment Book is not very cooperative. On the 100/200LX if you enter the same appointment from 11:00pm to 2:00 am and press (F10) (Done) it will not show up on the next day. When you open that appointment again the End Time of 2:00 am will have been changed back to 11:00 pm, and the desired block of time will not be displayed in the weekly view. 

The work-around for scheduling through midnight is simple. Make the first half of your appointment end at 11:59 pm. Then Copy that appointment, move to the next day, paste it, and change the times to say, 12:00 am to 2:00 am. Then you'll be able to see the appointments on both days and in the weekly view. 

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Dress Up the Appointment Book

Viewing your Appointments on the Palmtop can be confusing since there are no separators to show which Appointments are scheduled at home, at work, before work, during work, at lunch, etc. 

You can add "separator lines" between the day's Appointments to bring some apparent order to your daily schedule. 

To create these work day separators, open Appointment Book and ...

1. Press (F2) to add an appointment. In the Description field hold down (~) until you have about 40 tilde characters.

2. If you want to create a separator before your 8:00am appointments, tab to the Start Time field and enter 7:59 am. The Start Time is one minute before 8:00 so any Appointments you have starting at 8:00 will fall on the correct side of the line. 

3. Since you don't need an alarm for these dividers, tab to the Alarm Enabled field and disable the alarm by pressing (Spacebar).

4. You don't need the tilde's showing up in the Week and Month views, so tab to these boxes and uncheck them.

5. Press (F8) (Repeat), and select Daily using the Arrow Keys.

6. Tab to the Frequency section and enter 1, then tab to the Duration section and set the Starting and Ending dates you want.

7. Press (ENTER) (F10) when you're finished. Place another line of tilde's at the end of your work day using the above procedure. To separate the beginning and end times of your lunch, use the same procedure but replace the tilde's with capital L's.


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