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A Free Newsletter for Users of the HP95LX/100LX/200LX

In this issue: 
---Welcome to the Flip Side of Y2K
---A Timely Tickler: Replace Your Back Up Battery

Welcome to the Flip Side of Y2K
Happy New Year.

We assume that you and your Palmtop survived the end of the millennium? We haven't heard of any Palmtop crashes due to the date and time rollover. One user reported that he saw a spurious appointment at 11:59PM Dec. 31,1999 that said "Don't pass out yet!" He claims that he didn't set the appointment and wonders if others saw the same message. Could this be the last Palmtop "Easter egg" that was hinted at several years ago? 


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Replace Your Back Up Battery
We may have offered this tip before but repetition is one of the traits of an old teacher. 

HP recommends that you change the backup battery after a year's use. A foolproof method of remembering to do this is to set a "change backup battery" appointment in Appointment Book. Schedule the appointment for one year from your last battery change.

Be aware, however, that in some situations a yearly change may not be enough. If the palmtop's main batteries run completely down, the unit will start drawing power from the backup battery. This will drain the battery quickly, and it may last only a few days.

Before replacing the backup battery, make sure the main batteries are charged. If the backup battery is removed when the main batteries are dead, you'll lose everything on the C: drive and everything in memory.

To check the condition of your batteries, run the Setup application, by pressing (CTRL)+(FILER). The opening screen will tell you the charge status of the main batteries, the backup battery, and the card battery (if a card is installed).

If you've got your palmtop plugged into an AC adapter, make sure that the screen displays the words, "Power Source: Adapter." These words indicate that the adapter is, in fact, powering your palmtop. If the screen says, "Power Source: Battery," there's something wrong with the adapter, its cord, or the connector.

If you have already replaced your Palmtop's back up battery from the extra ones you bought for your Y2K survival kit pat yourself on the back. 


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