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 A Free Newsletter for Users of the HP95LX/100LX/200LX ~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~ 

In this issue:
---LXBatch: the Beginner's Edge
---Go Beyond DOS and LXBatch Programming With Pascal
---Go Professional with C and the PAL Library
---Happy New Year


LXBatch: the Beginner's Edge
In the past week, I've received several emails from users who want to create programs for their Palmtop--on their Palmtop! Their question is "What's the best programming language to use?"

My answer is brief: start with LXBatch. It's a computer language that will let you create programs with the look and feel of the Palmtop's built in applications. The language assumes that you have some experience in creating MS-DOS batch files. You'll also need a text editor (we recommend PalEdit ), an ability to read and puzzle through the help files and the perseverance to keep "hacking away" until you get the Palmtop to do what you want it to do. LXBatch is available on the S.U.P.E.R. site as well as on the 1999 CD InfoBase from Thaddeus Computing. 

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Go Beyond DOS and LXBatch Programming With Pascal
Suppose you've had some programming experience in school and you have a problem that can't be solved with batch files or even with LXBatch.

For beginners, I recommend Pascal. I know I'm showing my age by recommending that old language, but it's easy to learn and the tools are now free. One of the best Pascal compilers (Borland International's Turbo Pascal 5.5) is now "givaware" and most school libraries still have books on Pascal programming. As an aside, the best games for the Palmtop are those created by Curtis Cameron a veteran Pascal programmer. Visit his Web site via The last line on the page will take you to his programming page. 


Go Professional with C and the PAL Library

Suppose you want to learn programming on the Palmtop and then move on from there. In that case 'C' is the language of choice. It's not the easiest to learn but, once you've got a handle on C, you can branch out to learn C++, JavaScript, Java and Visual C++. The syntax of all these languages is similar. The PAL library of C functions, available on the S.U.P.E.R. site, ( will give you a jump start to programming the Palmtop.

For a compiler, I recommend Borland's Turbo C version 2.01 It's one of the last versions of the compiler that will run on the Palmtop and, like Turbo Pascal, it's givaware. Like Turbo Pascal you can download it from (TC 2.01 doesn't do C++: for that you'll need BC 2.0, which is still a commercial product.) 


Happy New Year!

This will be the last Palmtop Newsletter of the year... and of this millennium. Let me take the occasion to wish you and your descendants, a Happy New Year, a terrific New Century and a favorable New Millennium. See you on the flip side of Y2K.

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