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A Free Newsletter for Users of the HP95LX/100LX/200LX

In this issue: 
---Seasons' Greetings
---Lest we forget: the default NoteTaker File contains a wealth of tips
---Track Holiday Expenses with a 1-2-3 paper tape calculator

Seasons' Greetings
All the staff at Thaddeus Computing and The HP Palmtop Paper send you and yours the best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season. Our own wish is for lasting peace throughout the world. If we could have peace for just a year, we just might like it and keep upgrading it until we get it "just right."


The best rechargeable batteries we have seen are the NiMH batteries that we sell. Recharge them right in your Palmtop. They last for months and months. As an added benefit they don't pollute the environment as much as alkaline batteries do when you finally dispose of them.


The default NoteTaker File contains a wealth of tips

When you first started using the HP 200LX's NoteTaker application, it showed you a "tips" database. If you're like me, you opened your own NoteTaker file and soon forgot about the one that HP provided. It's still there in the machine. You can't erase it. You can find it again by opening the file, D:\_Dat\Notes.Ndb, in the NoteTaker application.

This file has many worthwhile tips such as how to change the icons inside the Phone and Database applications. In short, you can change the small phone icon in the Phone application for one of your own. (Create an icon using the D:\BIN\ICN200LX.EXE program built into the HP 200LX or with the ICN100.EXE program available at the S.U.P.E.R. site .) You can also provide custom icons for any database file. Just include an icon having the same name as your database but with the .ICN extension, in the same directory as the database file. Your icon will be displayed in place of the built-in icons. While you're visiting the S.U.P.E.R. site, perform a search using the word 'icon'. You may find an icon to your liking and avoid eye strain creating your own.

Track Holiday Expenses with a 1-2-3 Paper Tape Calculator Emulator

When you were out on the Internet or in the mall this season, did you wish that your Palmtop could have helped you keep within your budget? Here's a Lotus spreadsheet that emulates a paper tape calculator. The advantage is that you don't need paper and you can make changes "on the fly" and see if you're coming in under budget. 

Here's how to set up the spreadsheet:

1. Start with a clear spreadsheet. Press MENU Worksheet Erase Yes if needed.

2. Enter the following into your spreadsheet. The cell references, A2 through H1, on the left of the colons indicate the cell the cursor should be in when you type in the formula on the right of the colon. When you key in the code, use French braces { } rather than parentheses, except in the @sum( ) function.

A2: @SUM(A3..A4)
A3: \-
B2: '<-TOTAL
B3: put in the amount budgeted, e.g. 400.00
C3: 'Budgeted
D1: Enter Number, Press ALT-A
D2: ALT-C: Clears all
E3:@if(a2>a3,"OVER BUDGET","OK SO FAR")
I1: {Paneloff}{Windowsoff}
I2: {HOME}{D 3}/wir~
I3: {HOME}/m~a4~
K1: /rea4..a8192~
K2: {Goto}A2~@sum(A3.A4)~{home}

3. Press MENU Range Name Create \A, press ENTER, type I1..I1 and press ENTER to create the ALT+A range.

4. Press MENU Range Name Create \C, press ENTER, type K1..K1 and press ENTER to create the ALT+C range.

5. Press the Home key to put the cursor in cell A1.

6. Press MENU Worksheet Column Set-width 18 ENTER.

7. Press MENU Worksheet Global Format Fixed 2 and press ENTER.

8. Press MENU File Save, type Adder and press ENTER.

9. Place the cursor in cell A1 and key in a number (precede it with a minus sign if you want to subtract) and press ALT+A to add the number.

If you forget and press ENTER, press ALT+A at that point. Press ALT+C to clear the tape and start over. The tape is upside down but I like that: I don't have to scroll down to see the total at the bottom of the list. If you delete or change any amount in the "tape" region, the TOTAL will be updated automatically.

Granted you could do much the same thing with the List-Stat application in HP Calc, but you can use columns B and C in the spreadsheet to add the names of the lucky people on your list and their gifts. You can't do that in List-Stat.


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