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A Free Newsletter for Users of the HP95LX/100LX/200LX

In this issue: 
---The Silence of the Alarms 
---'Tis the Season: Give Your Palmtop a Holiday Sound
---Stop Watch: Give It a Try

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The Silence of the Alarms
Before any public meeting, e.g., lectures, concerts, I make sure that there are no pending appointments to ring and earn me those deservedly dirty looks. 

However, I learned the hard way that it's best to delete an appointment, not cut it! If you cut an appointment (highlight and press [Fn]-[.]) and do not quit the Appointment Book, the appointment still rings. Highlight the appointment and press DEL to delete it and you won't encounter this problem.

'Tis the Season: Give Your Palmtop a Holiday Sound

To give your Palmtop a holiday jingle, let it play Jingle Bells for all your appointments. 

To prepare the Palmtop, use FILER and point at the file C:\_DAT directory. If there is an ALARM.SND file use the File, Rename command to rename the file to ALRAM.OLD.

Copy the following and paste it in a text editor. Make sure the musical code is all on one line. Then save the file as C:\_DAT\ALARM.SND

T190 K1 V2 O4L16f.L32gL16fL8d. L16f.L32gL16fL8d. O5L8cL16cO4L8a. L8b-L16b-L8f. L8gL16gL16b-.L32aL16g L16f.L32gL16fL8d. L8gL16gL16b-.L32aL16g L16f.L32gL16fL8d. O5L8cL16cL16e-.L32cO4L16a L8b-.O5L8d. O4L16b-.L32fL16dL16f.L32e-L16c O3L4.b-

Open APPTBOOK and use the command Menu, Options, Beep, Custom. Press the F3 function key to play the Jingle Bells tinker tune. 

Stop Watch: Give It a Try

Whether you're timing the length of a presentation or how long it took you to run that ten kilometer race, try the Palmtop's Stopwatch function: it's pretty easy to use. Just press the CTRL+APPT keys and press F2 (Reset) to clear the clock. Press F4 to start the timer and F4 again to stop it. You'll see the time elapsed displayed to the 100th of a second. You could also use Stopwatch to time phone conversations, sales presentation or anything that you rehearse and that needs to fit into a given time slot. 

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