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A Free Newsletter for Users of the HP95LX/100LX/200LX

In this issue: 
---New External Keyboard Under Development
---Zoom and DOS Applications
---Lotus 1-2-3 and Excel for Windows

Complete, searchable palmtop reference library: 49 issues of The HP Palmtop Paper, HP Palmtop User's Guide, HP 100/200/700LX Developer's Guide, MICROREF DOS and 1-2-3 manuals. Also hypertext version of palmtop classic "PC in Your Pocket" and HP 100/200/700LX Developer's Guide ready for palmtop viewing. All on the 1999 CD InfoBase,
New External Keyboard Under Development
Thaddeus Computing, Inc. is working with a hardware company to develop a laptop-sized keyboard for the HP Palmtop. 

In the past, users bought a keyboard designed for the Apple Newton and adapted it for use with their Palmtop. That keyboard is becoming hard to find. 

Other users put the REMKEY program on the Palmtop, connected the Palmtop to a DOS desktop machine, also running REMKEY, and used a full-sized keyboard to type on the Palmtop. (The REMKEY program is available at ). Sad to say, REMKEY doesn't seem to work with WinNT/98. 

The promise of a larger keyboard is welcome relief for those who hate typing on an itty-bitty keyboard. Let's hope that the larger keyboard makes it through the testing stages and comes to the Palmtop market. 


Zoom and DOS Applications
DOS is one of the applications that allows you to use the HP Palmtop's ZOOM feature to get an enlarged view of the standard 80 X 25 display. To zoom through the three different display sizes press [Fn]+[SpaceBar]. The feature works both from the DOS prompt as well as from within non-graphics DOS programs (i.e., text-based programs).

However by zooming to one of the larger displays, you'll cut off part of the 80 x 25 display.

To view whatever text is hidden, press [MENU] plus one of the arrow keys. For example, pressing [MENU])+[RightArrow] moves the window to the right, whereas pressing [MENU]+[UpArrow] moves the window up.

Several users have asked for "screen drivers" to make DOS programs more usable in a 64 X 18 screen format. Some programs, such as the PalEdit and VDE text editors have this ability. Other than those two programs, I can't recall any other DOS programs that can Zoom to 64 X 18 mode and juggle their menu and help screens to fit. The only people who could make this happen are the authors of the DOS programs. For example, Microsoft might be willing to rewrite Word 5.5 for use on the Palmtop's 64X18 screen...sure...right!


Lotus 1-2-3 and Excel for Windows

If you develop a spreadsheet using the Palmtop's Lotus 1-2-3 program, you can use this same spreadsheet on a Windows-based desktop. Just transfer the spreadsheet to the big machine and use Excel to open the .WK1 file. I've found that many user-written, Lotus, macros will run under Excel: just remember to press CTRL+macroletter rather than ALT+macroletter.

If you develop spreadsheets in Excel and want them to run on the Palmtop, don't use the bells and whistles of Excel, i.e., color, different sized fonts, forms and buttons. Use the File, Save As... command in Excel and pull down the list of file types in the dialog box. Look for the file-type of .WK1. Excel will warn you that some information will be lost but you should be able to save a Lotus 1-2-3 file that will work on your Palmtop.

If you're no longer using your HP Palmtop, please consider selling it to Thaddeus Computing. We're out of used LX's and have a backlog of orders. Please help other users keep your Palmtop alive. Sell us 1 or 1000 Palmtops even if they are broken. See or e-mail 
If you've switched to the WinCE platform, check out