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A Free Newsletter for Users of the HP95LX/100LX/200LX

In this issue: 
---HPHAND Forum on CompuServe to be Assimilated
---Searching the WWW With Confidence
---The Truth Is Out There...Somewhere...Who Knows Where?
---Looking for Software 

Complete, searchable palmtop reference library: 49 issues of The HP Palmtop Paper, HP Palmtop User's Guide, HP 100/200/700LX Developer's Guide, MICROREF DOS and 1-2-3 manuals. Also hypertext version of palmtop classic "PC in Your Pocket" and HP 100/200/700LX Developer's Guide ready for palmtop viewing. All on the 1999 CD InfoBase,
HPHAND Forum on CompuServe to be Assimilated
It sounded like a message from the Borg mother ship, namely: "You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile!" 

That was the gist of the message that appeared on CompuServe's (CSi) HPHAND forum a couple of days ago. Since any message on CSi is copyrighted, we won't quote it here. In our own words, the CSi message said that the HPHAND forum will no longer exist as of Dec. 1, 1999. Our forum will be assimilated into the Palmtop forum along with all other PDA's (i.e., Wince machines, Psions, Palm Pilots and the Atari Portfolio). The message also said that sending complaint email to CompuServe would be futile. It's a "to-be-done-deal," all part of the reorganization happening at CSi. 

This message probably won't impact a lot of Palmtoppers, judging from the few messages that appear in the forum. However, there is at least one place to go for help with your Palmtop concerns: the HPLX-L mailing list. OK, it's not as cordial as the HPHAND forum and the signal to noise ratio is about twenty irrelevant messages to one "keeper" but it may help when you're perplexed with your Palmtop.

To sign up for the HPLX=L mailing list, go to and fill out the subscription form. 

Searching the WWW With Confidence
As the WWW continues to grow it has become increasingly difficult to find information that is accurate, reliable and current. I've heard it said that many search engines (e.g. Yahoo, AltaVista, IWon, Snap, etc.) index only 15-20% of the available information that is out there and much of what they index is "fluff" or advertising. 

In the past, whenever I wanted to find some information, and be assured that it was reliable, I went to the Web site maintained by the Encyclopedia Brittanica ( The folks at are pretty selective in what they will index, using their top 125,000 sites. If EB says a site is in the top 125,000, you can bet it is. They list the criteria for their selection on their site. 

A couple of days ago, I returned to to find that it had changed its address to and the site now contains the _entire_ Encyclopedia Brittanica (EB) online. We can now have the world's oldest encyclopedia in the palm of our hand. You don't have to reserve a couple of book shelves. 

When you do a search using the site, you'll get hits from the EB and from 70 of the world's top magazines. You're also likely to find references from the Books in Print database as well as some of the top Web sites in the world. 

Even if you don't use your Palmtop to search the Web, you can still capture the information you want and read it offline on your Palmtop: amazing! 

The Truth Is Out There...Somewhere...Who Knows Where? Gary Price Does.

If the above Web site doesn't satisfy your desire for information and the usual search engines fail to turn up anything useful, realize that you're only looking at the tip of the information iceberg. 

Gary Price maintains a Web site at that will let you tap into what he calls the "Invisible Web." Visit this site and bookmark it. You'll find out how to search public records, unusual collections of information, news archives, etc. Gary maintains links to thousands of databases, many of which have their own search engines. Even if you don't find exactly what you're looking for, you'll probably find links to sites that do. 

Looking for Software for Your Palmtop?

If you're looking for Palmtop related software, remember that the first and best resource is the SUPER site ( 

Thaddeus Computing is one of the sponsors of this repository started by Mitch Hamm and now maintained by Mitch Hamm, Jeff Johns and Bill Childers. 

There are now about 1200 files on the site. Some of the software is Palmtop specific, i.e., System Manager Compliant or designed with the Palmtop Application Library (PAL). Other files are generic MS-DOS programs that will run on the Palmtop. 

If you're no longer using your HP Palmtop, please consider selling it to Thaddeus Computing. We're out of used LX's and we have a backlog of orders. It's distressing to imagine that a Palmtop has been allowed to collect dust.<g> Sell us 1 or 1000 Palmtops even if they are broken. See or email How
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