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...How to Influence the Course of Palmtop Computing
...How Many Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds Until Y2K?

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Your palmtop can act like 12 palmtops in one with Software Carousel. Switch between separate DOS and System Manager sessions as easily as you open the PhoneBook.

How to Influence the Course of Palmtop Computing

Are you interested in influencing the decisions of manufacturers and service providers whose products you use in your business? If so, then we at HP Palmtop Paper invite you to apply for membership on International Data Corporation's (IDC) online Mobile Advisory Council. 

Thaddeus Computing and IDC are assembling an elite group of qualified users, influencers and buyers of mobile devices and services to provide feedback to the industry in an effort to improve or develop the solutions you need. 

By completing periodic surveys designed by IDC analysts, you and your peers will directly influence the mobile products and services that will benefit both you and your organization.

Results of this feedback will be shared with panel members along with access to selected industry reports and newsletters that can help you keep up to date with the latest innovations. As a token of our thanks panelists will be entered into quarterly drawings to win valuable prizes. 

Please, visit to learn more, sign up and provide your feedback.

How Many Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds Until Y2K?

There's no need to buy a clock that shows the number of days, hours, minutes and seconds until Jan. 1, 2000. You can do the same thing with your HP Palmtop and Lotus 1-2-3. The advantage is that you can save some money and relearn something about 1-2-3 in the process. Here's how to create your own automated count-down timer to Y2K.

Start Lotus 1-2-3 and use the Menu WEY command to erase the current worksheet. Press Menu Worksheet Column Setwidth A1 Enter 13 Enter. Press Menu Range Format Date 1 A1..A2 and press Enter. Press Menu Range Format Fixed 0 Enter A4..A8, Enter. 

In cell A1 type @datevalue("01-JAN-2000") and press Enter. The @datevalue() function converts the alphabetical date to a date number. The cell's formatting will show this number as a date. 

In cell A2 type @NOW and press Enter. This will put the current date-time number in the cell and show it as the current date according to the cell's formatting.

Put the formula, +A1-A2, in cell A14. This will yield the number of days remaining until Y2K. 

In cells A4 though A7 enter the functions @int(a14), @hour(A14), @minute(A14) and @second(A14). In cells B1 and B2, type in the labels 'M-Day and 'Today. The quotes will left justify the labels. In cells A4 to A7, type the labels 'Days, 'Hours, 'Minutes and 'Seconds. To update the display, press the F9 {Calc} key. 

To automate the spreadsheet we'll create a macro that runs automatically when you load the worksheet into 1-2-3. The macro will repeat the {CALC} command indefinitely. Since the only way to stop the macro is to press the CTRL+Break (Menu) key, put a reminder, 'Press CTRL+Break to stop the Timer, in cell A10. 

In cell A11, type the macro {CALC}{BRANCH A11}. This macro will recalculate the spreadsheet indefinitely.

Now type the command Menu Range Name Create \0 for the range A11. Press Menu File Save UNTIL.WK1 and Enter. Finally, press Menu File Retrieve UNTIL.WK1 and Enter. You should see the count-down timer in operation. If you press CTRL+Break and ESC (or Enter) to stop the timer and want to restart it again, press ALT+F3 and Enter. This will run the \0 (autostart) macro.

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