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In this issue: 
...Easter Eggs in the Palmtop--lest we forget.

But first....
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"Easter Eggs", in computer terms, are snippets of code and data buried in a program. They are often whimsical and are evidence only that the software developers had little to do on a given day. 

There are several such "Easter eggs" in the HP 200LX. Users discovered these early in the life of the Palmtop, but just in case you've forgotten here are the keystrokes needed to crack the eggs, courtesy of Bruce Martin. 

The first three "Easter eggs" are hidden in the Self Test procedure. To run the Self Test turn the Palmtop off and then press ESC and ON. Be careful: the Self Test can destroy a PC Card (the kind of card that does not have a battery in it.) To be on the safe side, remove such a PC Card from your Palmtop before running the Self Test. 

Here then are the "Easter eggs" and how to find them.

A. Three Poems Hidden in the Self Test

1. Start the Self Test and highlight the Display setting. Press [ENTER] 14 times to step through the various screens until you come to the first poem. 

2. Start the Self Test and highlight the Display setting and press [CTRL][ENTER]. Hold down [ALT] while pressing [ENTER] 13 times. You will see a cryptic poem apparently referring to business issues faced by the software development team. 

3. Start the Self Test and highlight the Display setting. Press [CTRL][ENTER]. Then hold down [SHIFT] while pressing [ENTER] 13 times. You will see a poem about the history and future of the HP 200LX. (HP's names for the 95LX, 100LX and 200LX are Jaguar, Cougar and Felix.) 

B. A-Maze-ing Pictures of the Palmtop Development Team 

Start the Lair of Squid game (D:\BIN\MAZE.EXE). At the opening screen type "gallery" (without the quotes) and press Enter. Use the up and down arrow keys to move back and forth. Use the right and left arrow keys to view the portraits and a message from the team. Pass through the door at the far end, and you will be at the game's opening screen. 

C. System Manager program data in More Applications. 

Press the blue [&...] key to start More Applications. Hold down [ALT] while pressing [F9] 4 times followed by [F10] once. As long as you continue to hold [ALT] you will see columns of data about System Manager compliant (.EXM) programs registered with the System Manager, along with other arcane information.

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