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In this issue: 
...Checking for corrupt database files
...Loan Amortization With TVM and 1-2-3

But first....
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Checking for Corrupt Database Files
Some Palmtop users report they get error messages when opening or scrolling through database files (ApptBook, PhoneBook, Database, etc.). Others report that they have been using large database files for years without any problems. No one knows why some people have good luck with database files and others do not. 

Personally, I've not experienced any corrupted database files--until last week. I got a "Record not found" error message soon after backing up my Palmtop onto my Win98 computer. Theoretically, you can insert a PC Card in a Win98 machine, while the computer is running, and not have it mess up the PC Card. Setting theory aside, my current practice is to turn off the Win98 computer before inserting a PC Card. Hopefully this will help.

In the meantime, I've downloaded the latest version of Curtis Cameron's DBCHECK program. It performs more checks and runs noticeably faster than the previous versions. DBCHECK is an easy way to test the integrity of all the Palmtop's database files before backing them up.

You can get your own copy of DBCHECK (version 1.5) at The price is right: it's free.


Loan Amortizations on the Palmtop

If you're looking for a Lotus 1-2-3 template that will let you perform loan amortizations, be sure to look at the TVM application in HP Calc. It can generate amortization schedules and post them to a 1-2-3 worksheet. 

To see how this works, start HP Calc and press CTRL+T to start the Time-Value-of-Money (TVM) application. Set N=240, I%YR= 5.25, PV= -100000.00 and press F9 to find PMT= 683.84. Now press the 123 blue key to start Lotus 1-2-3. 

If needed, press Menu WEY to create a blank worksheet. Return to TVM by pressing the HP Calc key. Press F2 (Amort), F10 (1-2-3) and, in the worksheet, press Enter to select A1 as the starting cell for the incoming data. You will see a message that the Amort/1-2-3 Link is opened. Now press F2 (Go) twenty times and then switch to 1-2-3 to see the amortization schedule. You can switch back to TVM, press ESC to get out of the amortization screen, make any modifications you want to the TVM data and run the amortization routine again. In 1-2-3 select a different starting point for the schedule and you'll be able to make comparisons for different interest rates or different payments. 

Tip: don't hold down the GO key in the amortization window. Instead, press it repeatedly to give the program time to calculate the values for 12 periods. If you hold down the GO key, you'll interrupt the calculation and you'll have to press ESC to clear the message from the screen. 

By default, TVM will generate summary output for groups of 12 periods. If you want to see all the details, return to the TVM window by pressing ESC and set P/YR to 1. Then perform the amortization routine. This time you can hold down the GO key but be careful or you may get more than 240 lines in the spreadsheet. 

If you don't need to see the loan schedule, you can still use TVM's amortization routine without the 1-2-3 link. If you want to compare two "loan scenarios" you can press the right or left arrow keys in TVM to switch between "case 1" and "case 2". Each case is independent of the other and both have their own amortization routines.

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