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In this issue: a brand new Tip!
---Do time arithmetic in Lotus 1-2-3.

But first....
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Use Lotus 1-2-3 to do Time Arithmetic

Although HP Calc has a routine to do Date Arithmetic (in Calc, press CTRL+D), it lacks an application to do Time Arithmetic. HP Calc does have a couple of functions that convert hours, minutes and seconds to decimal hours and back. However, to use the functions you have to use military (24 hour) time, i.e., 13.25 instead of 1.25 pm. 

Lotus 1-2-3 is a better tool for subtracting one time from another or for finding what time it will be 15 hours and 15 minutes from now. There's even a way to use the Time key to enter the current time: something that can't be done in HP Calc. 

To see how this works, consider the following problems.

1) How many hours and minutes are there between 8:43 am and 3:55 pm? 

2) If the current time is 4:07 pm, what time will it be 15 hours and 15 minutes from now?

To solve these problems open 1-2-3 and use Menu WEY to create an empty worksheet. 

A. Use Menu WCCS A1..C1 Enter 13 Enter to set the width of the first three columns to 13.

B. Use Menu Worksheet Global Format Date Time 1 to set the whole sheet to display time as HH:MM:SS AM/PM.

C. In cell A1 type |T>>>>>>>>>>>> (the first symbol is Shift \ which is next to the ESC key.) 

D. Press Menu Data Parse F2 I and type A1..A20

E. Press Tab and type B2..B20 to set the input output ranges for data parsing. Press Enter twice and Quit.

F. Type '/DPG in cell D1 and press Menu Range Name Create \T Enter D1 Enter to create a named macro.

To see how this works, put the cursor in cell A2 and press the apostrophe (') and immediately press the Fn+Time key. Press Enter and then ALT+T. You should see the current time as a label in cell A2 and the time as a value in cell B2. 

To solve the two problems type the following labels in cells A3 through A6: '8:43 am, '3:55 pm, '4:07 pm, '15:15
Enter the formulas +B4-B3 in cell C4 and +B5+B6 in cell C6. (Don't forget the leading apostrophes nor the am pm designators, unless you're using military time.) The value 12:00:00 will appear in these cells. 

Now press ALT+T and you should see the answers: 07:12:00 AM and 07:22:00 AM in the C column. The "AM" in the first answer can be ignored since it represents a time interval. However the AM in the second result does have meaning: it's 7:22 AM the next day. 

Try using different time formats. Some of the formats, such as HH.MM.SS, won't work but most of them will.

Be sure to save the spreadsheet: it's a "keeper."

If you want to enhance the spreadsheet to do more, e.g., use the @NOW function along with {CALC} to enter the current time and date, go for it. 

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