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In this issue:
--Special Keys for HP Calc (Beginners)

--Fix Alarms that Sound Too Soon 

--Help for Lotus 1-2-3 (Coming Soon)

Special Keys for HP Calc

In HPCalc the Z, X, C, V, B and the L keys perform the various functions printed in white below them. Here is a list of these key definitions and what they do.

(Z) (square root symbol) -- Calculates the square root of the number in the calculation line. For example, if you enter 16 in the calc line and press (Z), the calc line displays the square root of 16 (4).

(X) (1/x) -- Calculates the reciprocal of the number in the calc line. For example, if you enter 4 in the calc line, then press (X), the calc line displays .25.

(C) (x><y) -- Exchanges the numbers in the X and Y registers, if you're using the RPN mode. If you're using the algebraic mode and the calc line contains an expression like 3/4, the C key will swap the numbers on either side of the operator, e.g., 4/3. 

(V) (R +DownArrow) -- Rolls the number from register #1 (register Y in RPN) into the calc line and puts the calc line number into register 4 (register T in RPN).

(B) (LAST) -- In Algebraic mode, this key copies the result of the previous calculation into the current calculation: in RPN it copies the value that was in the X register, just before a calculation, back into the X register (the calc line.)

(N) (STO) -- Stores the number in the calc line to a designated memory register (i.e.., stores the number in the calc line to a number key you designate). E.g., if you enter 3,452.78 in the calc line and press (N)(STO) 3, the number 3,452.78 is stored in the memory register #3.

(M) (RCL) -- Recalls a number you stored previously (when you pressed (N)(STO)) from the register in which you stored it.

(L) (+/-) -- Makes a positive number negative or a negative number positive. For example, if you press (+/-) while the number 118 is in the calc line, it changes it to -118. Pressing (+/-) a second time makes the number positive again. If you want to enter a number in scientific notation, e.g., 5.5 E-3, type 5.5 e 3 L. You'll see 5.5e-3 and when you press Enter you'll see 0.0055.


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Fix Alarms that Sound Too Soon

Sometimes the Palmtop will sound an alarm too soon. For example a 12:01am appointment will sound at 11:58pm. If this happens you may have a problem in the hidden, read-only file, C:\_DAT\ALARM.Q. To fix this do the following. Close the Appointment Book and press CTRL+123 to get to the DOS prompt. Enter the command

D:\DOS\attrib c:\_dat\alarm.q -h -r
then type the command
DEL c:\_dat\alarm.q

Type Exit and press Enter to get back to System Manager and start the Appointment Book. This will create a new ALARM.Q file and your alarms will be back on schedule.

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Help with Lotus 1-2-3 Macros

Many users shy away from 1-2-3 because there are no instructions for the spreadsheet in the Users Manual. 

The HP Palmtop Paper has featured several articles about 1-2-3, by Carl Merkle, that are great for beginners. Also Thaddeus Computing, Inc. sells the Microref Lotus 1-2-3 reference either as a book or in electronic form on the 1999 CD InfoBase. 

While searching the Internet for books about 1-2-3 I ran across a file, TECHNIQU.ZIP, that contained a 1.8M byte file called 123POWER.HLP, a Windows HELP file. 

To make the document useable on the Palmtop I tried converting the HLP file to an HTML document and wound up with 790 pages full of macro techniques and secrets that I'd never seen before. There are over 200 BIG macros all fully explained. 

I plan to upload the TECHNIQU.ZIP file to the SUPER site ( ) and, if I can contact the author I'll upload the HTML version as well. 

If you're interested in a reference book for 1-2-3, put an appointment in your Palmtop to check the SUPER site in about a week. Clear some space on your Palmtop and clear a few hours from your schedule to see how you can teach an old dog some new tricks. 


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