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A Free Newsletter for Users of the HP95LX/100LX/200LX

In this issue:
--HP is abandoning ship. Should we throw away our life preservers?

--Coming to a Web site near you: ALL OF PTP

--Synchronizing Your Palmtop with Windows

--Tip-o-the-week: Organize Your ToDo List &more...

HP is Abandoning Ship!
Should I Throw Away My Life Preserver?
Since July 6, when HP announced it would stop making and selling the Palmtop, I've received dozens of messages asking me to recommend a replacement for the 200LX. 

I suspect that some users have interpreted HP's announcement as a call to 'abandon ship!' That's not true. HP will repair and service the Palmtop for at least three more years. We, at Thaddeus Computing, will continue to repair and upgrade the LX/CX machines and bring new products to market for the next 2 to 3 years at least.

To me, the Palmtop is like a life-preserver. It was the only office computer I had to run a college Computer Science department. For five years I used it to prepare syllabi and lesson plans, develop programming projects, write lecture notes and keep track of ten instructors and 500+ students each semester. The Palmtop's Appointment Book, PhoneBook and Database kept my head above water. The calculator and spreadsheet helped me stay afloat in a sea of budget battles. In short, the Palmtop preserved my career if not my life. 

Even if HP's announcement could be heard as a call to abandon ship, you won't hear me cry "throw away your life preserver and grab the nearest boat-anchor." 


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ALL of The HP Palmtop Paper
on the World Wide Web 
If you subscribe to The HP Palmtop Paper know what a valuable resource it is. It does lose some of its value when you try to find an article from a past issue. A printed index would surely help. 

Years ago we decided that an electronic version of PTP, with a search engine, would be better than a printed index. So we developed the CD InfoBase. We used the best technology at the time, HyperWriter. Since that time the World Wide Web has become the standard "hypertext" medium and the CD InfoBase has begun to show its age.

Currently, about a dozen volunteers are converting all the past issues of The HP Palmtop Paper (1991-1999) to HTML. In the next couple of months the PTP articles will be coming to a Web site, and even to a Palmtop, near you.

We still need volunteers to help complete this huge project. If you have a fair knowledge of HTML formatting, an email provider that supports attachments (not Juno nor cc:Mail) and want to help, send an email message to and copy the message to

In Sep/Oct we'll also need volunteers to test the project before releasing it to the rest of the world. Let us know if you want to help with that part of the project.

Are you no longer using your palmtop? Sell us 1 or 1000
--even if they are broken! See 
or email

Synchronizing Your Palmtop With Windows

The requests continue to trickle in: "Is there a way to synchronize the information in my Palmtop with MS Outlook, Act!, Lotus Notes, Domino, ECCO, Goldmine, etc.?"

The big players in the synching business, e.g., Puma (Intellisynch), have refused to develop any synching software for the HP Palmtop. On the other hand, programmers like Curtis Cameron have taken on this project. To see what Curtis, and others, have developed, try the following. On the Web, go to
Put the word Outlook in the search field and click the Fetch! icon. This will take you to the SUPER file repository and show you a list of the relevant programs. Click on a title and either download the file or go to the official site of the software. 
None of the solutions are all-encompassing. On the other hand the price is right: all of the programs are free.
Learn more about Windows CE. Visit

Does your ToDo list contain everything you ever wanted to do but didn't have time to complete? Are your job-related ToDo's mixed in with hobby and family ToDo's? Would you like to organize the tasks and push some tasks to the bottom of the list? Here's one way to bring order to a chaotic ToDo list.
Use the Priority field in the ToDo Item Screen. (Press APPT, ToDo, ENTER.) Label Job related ToDo's as "J1, J2, etc. Assign Family related ToDo's the priorities F1, F2,...F9, etc. 
This priority scheme will put Family ToDo's ahead of Job ToDo's in the list. What if you want Job related ToDo's to appear at the top of the list? A thesaurus will show that another word for "job" is "career". Use C instead of J as the leading character in the priority field. 
What about ToDo's that have very low priority? Use the letters "ZJ", "ZC" in the priority field. Using Z as the first letter will push these items to the bottom of the list, and perhaps out of site. The second letter will group the items together. 
In the last email newsletter we mentioned PalEdit/PIM as an alternative to the Palmtop's ToDo/Appointment application. If you want the latest/greatest version of PalEdit and its amazing PIM add-in go directly to the source: and download the files from there.

Have you tried VisiCalc 1.0 from the Web site yet? If so, you probably could not get it to accept any data. I had to turn my Palmtop into an "almost" 1981 vintage PC by rebooting, pressing ALT and choosing either option 4 or 5. I, then could get VC to run and the memory indicator in the upper right corner showed that there was 69K bytes of data space available. Oh yes: the way to quit VisiCalc is with the /SQY command.