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In this issue:

--Sneak Peek: The Sep/Oct Issue of The HP Palmtop Paper
----The Demise? of the Palmtop
----Increase the IQ of your Palmtop
----Tired of Appointment Book and ToDo: Try PIM/PE


The Demise? of the Palmtop
Just in case you haven't heard, HP announced, on July 6 that it would stop production of the HP Palmtops for good. The lead article in the Sep/Oct issue of PTP gives all the details and lots of users' comments. In short, HP may have lost interest in making and selling Palmtops. Fine: let the Palmtop fans have a crack at upgrading and marketing the only "true personal computer."  NOTE: if you need/want a new Palmtop, now is the time to order one. Nov. 1, 1999 is the absolute deadline.

Increase the IQ of your Palmtop
Personalized Software, the predecessor to Thaddeus Computing, Inc., used the marketing slogan, "Products that make your HP Portable Smarter." 
In the Sep/Oct issue of PTP we tell you how to make your Palmtop smarter--give it a hefty dose of Artificial Intelligence, e.g., Expert Systems, Neural Nets, Fuzzy Logic. The article gives some background and tells you where to get AI programs at bargain basement prices.

Try PIM / PE
PalEdit is the preferred editor of many Palmtop users. Its author, Andreas Garzotto, has created an add-on Personal Information Manager. Several early adopters claim that it is better than the Palmtop's built-in PIMs. 

To get a copy for yourself, on the Web go to  Put PIM in the search field and click Fetch! That will give you quick access to the S.U.P.E.R. site and you won't have to search any further. 
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How would you like a spreadsheet that takes up only 27K bytes of disk space? Try VisiCalc, a spreadsheet written originally for the Apple ][ computer and later adapted for the IBM PC. It's small, capable, and it's now free (originally sold for $495(?)). Dan Bricklin, one of the former owners of Personal Software, got Lotus to release VisiCalc to the public. While others can show off Windows on their Palmtop, you'll be able to make computer buffs do a double-take when they see VC on your machine. You can get your own copy of this bit of computing history at
When you get to the site, you'll be able to click on the hypertext that will let you download a copy for yourself. Also the site is the starting point for a series of Reference Cards (see Ref Card on the left side of the site) that will give the basic commands you can use in VisiCalc. 


Right hinge cracked? Keys don't respond? We'll repair your palmtop at a reasonable price.

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Many of you caught the mistake in the last issue of the Email Newsletter. You are right: there is no such function as "List" in HP Calc. There is, however, as you discovered, a Menu, Applications, "List Stat" function. You can also  access that function by pressing CTRL+L from the main HP Calc screen.