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This Week's Topics: HP Discontinues the 200LX and We Upgrade Our Email Server


We have held off sending this newsletter until the news was official.

On July 6, 1999, Hewlett-Packard announced that it will cease production of the HP 200LX and HP 1000 CX Palmtop computers as of Nov. 1, 1999. The announcement gave no reason for the decision. To see the official announcement go to:


Hewlett-Packard has had a long-standing policy of supporting discontinued products for at least three years. So, you'll still be able to get your Palmtop repaired either under warranty, by HP, or after warranty, by Thaddeus Computing. We plan to buy, sell, repair and upgrade Palmtops for three years and probably longer.

In the past few weeks we have heard of exciting new developments for the Palmtop, including backlighting and memory upgrades in excess of 64K bytes. HP may have given up on the Palmtop: we haven't!


We're sending this issue of the Email Newsletter to you from our own Email server. Hopefully we can be more responsive to your subscription and unsubscription requests than we were with an off-site server.

Several of you tried, unsuccessfully, to unsubscribe from the email list and were told that you couldn't do so because you were not on the list.

How this could happen is understandable. Many of the addresses on our list are over a year old. You may have changed your address during that time and asked that email be forwarded from your former address to your new one. You could unsubscribe using your old address but not your new one.

If you can't unsubscribe from our new, in-house, email server, send an email to . Give me a hint what the old address might be and I'll unsubscribe you or destroy a computer trying.

Seriously, folks....
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