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Most battery-equipped devices are designed so that all the
batteries get inserted with their negative ends resting
against the spring coil.

For some reason, Hewlett-Packard designed their palmtops so
the positive end of one battery rests against the spring coil
while the negative end of the other battery rests against the
other spring coil.

If you're not paying attention when you change batteries and
you insert both batteries with the negative ends touching the
springs your palmtop won't work when you turn it on.
When you replace the main batteries, orient them according to
the symbols in the battery compartment, not according to the
position of the springs.

And speaking of batteries and the Palmtop...
You should never remove the batteries from your HP Palmtop 
to get it back from oblivion. If the warm boot (CTRL)-
(ALT)-(DEL) doesn't reboot the machine, then use the hard
reset (press (CTRL)-(Left Shift)-(ON) and answer No when asked 
if you want to "Initialize RAM disk?" The hard reset will always
work and does not risk data loss or put a strain on the backup
battery like pulling the main batteries does.

Seriously, folks....
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