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 A Newsletter for Users of the HP95LX/100LX/200LX
Once you start using the Date and Time keys on the HP
Palmtops, you may be inclined to press these keys when
you're working in a non-System-Manager program. Nothing will
happen. Well, now it will. All it takes is the DATEKEY

DateKey lets you use [DATE] and [TIME] keys in DOS.
Originally part of the software collection sold with the
"HP200LX Software Bible" co-authored by Hiroyuki Sekiya and
Hirotaka Hamada, published by Softbank, Tokyo, in April 1996
(ISBN4-89052-911-X). Now released as copyrighted freeware.

To get your own copy of DATEKEY, just go to and type Datekey in
the search field and click Fetch! Click on the DateKey
filename to copy the file to your computer.
Really want to manage your time better? Time management
professionals agree: the first step in making better use of
your time is to track how you use it. Put TimeTracker/LX on
your palmtop.
Are you no longer using your palmtop? Sell us 1 or 1000 even
if they are broken! See 
or email