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Here's a way to find the Telephone Area Codes for cities
around the world. The codes are stored in the World Time
database, in the "City Prefix" field of City screen. If you
need access to this information a lot, modify the All Cities
list to display it. Here's how to do it: 

1. Open WorldTime by pressing (CTRL) (HPCALC). 
2. Press (F6) Subset then (F2) Define. 
3. Now press (F10) OK to save the unmodified subset, and when
prompted name it Area Codes. Then press (ENTER) once to save
the name, and press (ENTER) again to select the subset from
the subset list. 
4. Press (MENU) View Arrange Columns. 
5. Move the cursor over to country and decrease its column
width by six or seven with the width-key (F5). This is
necessary so that when we add the City Prefix in the next
step, all the digits will be visible. (The City Prefix will
need to be 5 characters wide.) 
6. Press (F2) Add. 
7. Scroll down to City Prefix then press (ENTER) or (F10) OK.
8. Press (F7) Move and move the "City Prefix" column to the
first column. Press (F10) Done. 
9. Press (MENU) View Sort and you will be presented with the
sorting dialog box. Under the "1st sort field" press down
until City Prefix is highlighted and then press (ENTER) or
(F10) OK. The Palmtop will now perform the sort and, after 10
seconds or so, the dialog box will disappear and you will
have a list of all the cities sorted by City Prefix. To
access a sample North American city, press 1 613 (there is a
space between the 1 and the 613) and Ottawa will appear. To
access Tel Aviv, press 972 3. The only trick is to remember
that you have to enter "1 " (the number one plus a space)
before all North American area codes. Now, to add a wrinkle
to your new-found information base, you should know that the
new Toronto area code was created after HP created their
You can also create a similar subset sorted by longitude and
also latitude. This will give you groups of cities clustered
around a city that you're traveling to and/or may be
interested in. 
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