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 An Email Newsletter for Users of the HP95LX/100LX/200LX
Welcome to the first issue of the PTP Newsletter. It is being sent free of charge. We hope you'll want to continue to receive "PTPN". If so just sit back and let the electrons flow your way. If you wish to unsubscribe we'll tell you how at the end of this message.

Say a vendor promises to ship you something in 45 days and you want to set a reminder in APPT. Skipping forward or backward a specific number of days is quite easy.
In the 100/200LX's Appointments screen press (F5) (F3) for future days or (F5) (F2) for past days. Key in the number of days and press (F10) or (ENTER) to instantly jump to the desired day.
Future issues of PTPN we will feature tips, traps and techniques for using the HP Palmtop's built in applications. Sometimes we'll describe an application you can add to your Palmtop to make you more productive. We'll always include a hot link to the application so you can get your own copy at the press of a few keys. Occasionally we'll call your attention to articles on our Website that may give you new ideas and inspiration for using your Palmtop. PTPN will always be the first place to look for Palmtop price breaks and special offers.
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